Criticmarkup HTML preview and export


Hi, all.

I can recall having markdown preview side by side and being able to see “criticmarkup” (highlights mostly) in this preview, and when I exported the HTML, it kept the highlights.
But to my clumsiness I can’t recall which packages and/or themes I did use.
Any help?


Could it have been the Minimap package?


No, definitely not Minimap. Thanks, though.


I am also looking for a similar feature.

I have installed markdown-preview and critic-markup but once I have critic-markup installed, markdown-preview no longer works to open the preview pane.

I’m not sure why these would conflict. Looking through the source of the critic-markup package the only thing it seems to do is bind a few commands to insert critic markup syntax into the text. It should still open the preview.

In the end I’m really looking for a markdown preview package that has support for CriticMarkup. What would be the best way to achieve this?