Creating XCode project for Electron?


How to generate Xcode project for Mac OS X?
I changed script/ to generate Xcode project like this[python, gyp, '-f', 'xcode', '--depth', '.',
                          'atom.gyp', '-Icommon.gypi'] + defines, env=env)

But Xcode crashed when i open Atom.xcodeproj.
My Mac OS X version is 10.10.2
My Xcode version is 6.3.2

Anyone know the issue?

Using atom to build iOS projects

What script/ are you talking about? What XCode project are you trying to make?


Sorry about it.
I want to generate Electron Xcode project. script/ is shifted in Electron source code.


I moved this to a new topic since this isn’t what the original topic was about.


The issue is resolved after updating to Xcode 7, and Mac OS X 10.10.5.


But i can’t use the generated Xcode project to build Electron. There is even not Scheme to build Electron. Does anybody know what should i do if i want to use Xcode project to build Electron?


Does this help any?



This documentation doesn’t resolve my issue. It just use ninja to build Electron, not using Xcode. Why i want to use Xcode to build Election is because i want to use Xcode to debug Electron c++ codes.


@minggo did you ever get this working?

I’m trying to do the same thing and have had limited success. I’m working with Xcode 6.1.1 and using an altered version (with xcode-ninja) of your changes to script/[python, gyp, '-f', 'xcode-ninja', '--depth', '.',
                      'atom.gyp', '-Icommon.gypi'] + defines, env=env)

Openable and were generated.

Build and Run doesn’t work but it is possible to attach the debugger to a running instance of Electron (via Debug > Attach to process… ). This is great, but Xcode is only recognising and showing source from the Electron project during debug - even though I’ve created a project for libchromiumcontent and dragged it into the workspace.

What I really need to see is the source rather than the assembly (assuming that’s what it is - I’m not that familiar).


@simongregory No, i didn’t make it work. And i used lldb to debug electron.