Creating packages with other languages?


Hello. I’ve been seeking an editor to base the creation of an experimental multi-cursor modal editor I’ve been tinkering with. Atom sounds like a great place to base this prototype on purely because it’s so hackable.

With that said, I’m having difficulty figuring out a plan of attack for development because I do not plan on writing the codebase in JavaScript (or any compile-to-js lang). As far as I can tell, plugins are based on being in-js-process with direct access to the JS based APIs, correct?

If that’s the case, I figure I have two choices:

  1. If WASM is supported, I can compile to WASM and communicate over a language bridge.
  2. I could create (or use someone elses, ideally) bridge for having a subprocess send and receive events and API commands/data. This seems most likely, but also a heavier cost of indirection due to serializing/deserializing all commands/events.

I’m here to ask if any work has been done on either option, and in general to get feedback on the idea. Thoughts?

Thanks to any replies :slight_smile:

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