"Creating new version failed: Git tag not found" after changing user


Hi there!

I’m trying to change the repo strikingcode/rails-navigation to fotanus/rails-navigation, however I’m having some trouble.

everything seems right on github, but not on atom.io. Note that it reads "strikingcode’ instead of ‘fotanus’. I can’t find a way to login with ‘strikingcode’, since it is a github organization.

when I try to republish the latest tag:

$ apm publish --tag v0.1.1
Publishing rails-navigation@v0.1.1 ✗
Creating new version failed: Git tag not found
$ git ls-remote
From git@github.com:fotanus/rails-navigation.git
a7be7d58a0520d7128f6226d3c77f6d52dc1bcf1    HEAD
a7be7d58a0520d7128f6226d3c77f6d52dc1bcf1    refs/heads/master
1a51f5e4a5627df4958bebe0ffe67d9c445a98dd    refs/tags/v0.1.0
6b1f062c93bf4dac7f66cb4808c5b0f544218d60    refs/tags/v0.1.0^{}
ecc2863e2073946738d7e62cfea86bd299b6b5e2    refs/tags/v0.1.1
283ba70125887cb740bc305ebcb8e068f908f408    refs/tags/v0.1.1^{}

and when trying to install:

Any idea how can I fix this? Thanks!


Duplicate of:

cc @thedaniel


Hi @thedaniel,

I’m returning the package to strikingcode/rails-navigation, but if you could update the repo to fotanus/rails-navigation I would be grateful. After you update, I switch the repository to the correct place. It will break the package for some time, but that is ok, since it is breaking right now for some time :smile:


Hi guys! Is there a way to make this work already?

The issue is:

atom.io doesn’t handle renamed users and repos well at the moment


You should be able to use the instructions on unpublishing a package that were added to the documentation recently. You should be able to unpublish it, change user or repo names and then publish it again.


Thanks! Works like a charm!