Creating hanging indent in CSS not working


I am attempting to modify my styles.less so that list items (in Markdown) feature a hanging indent (first line flush left, subsequent soft wrapped lines are indented).

But several issues are preventing this from working.

First, I believe “text-indent” is supposed to apply to only the first line of a soft wrapped block. But Atom appears to apply it to every line–essentially “text-indent” and “padding-left” do the same thing. I think maybe this is because the Settings option “Soft Wrap Hanging Indent” somehow conflicts? Note that setting doesn’t help me, since it applies across the board, and I only want the hanging indent for list items.

Second, and this may be specific to my Markdown grammar (I’m using “language-markdown” by burodepeper) Atom doesn’t appear to apply any “text-indent” value within .syntax–list. When I inspect a list element, the “text-indent” property appears, but the text does not actually indent. “Margin-left” works, but not “text-indent.”

I would appreciate any comments on these issues, thanks.