Creating customised colours highlights

I am using c++ language and I am looking to replace specific things to different colours

For example, I want to change “operator<<” to say yellow. I tried to do the following in the file:

customHighlights = (editor) ->

editor.scan /operator/, (result) ->
options = {
type: “text”
class: “syntax–operator1”

marker = editor.markBufferRange result.range
decoration = editor.decorateMarker marker, options

atom.workspace.observeTextEditors (editor) ->

editor.onDidStopChanging ->

… believing that I could then go to styles.less and change the colour of the newly created syntax class “operator”. However, that did not work!. Atom had put each occurrence of “operator” into a class called other–members or something… Hence, every new created class like the above (since I need to define more than one) goes into the same class, which is not what I want since each would have different colours?