Creating Atom pane from Chrome app / webapp


I’ve got a Chrome app, built with React, that I’m porting to Atom.

It feels like this should be super simple, because all I really need is a pane that loads in my index.html file (and I don’t need any Atom APIs, at least not to start with), but I’m not quite sure even where to begin.

Is there a good way to load up an ordinary client-side webapp?


Check out my package web-browser. It uses an iframe to show arbitrary web pages. It will soon be upgraded to use the new chrome element webview which is friendlier for use in atom (atom-shell).

For writing your own package I would suggest starting off with another package of mine called html-tab. It is a skeleton for putting any arbitrary html in a new atom tab. The package web-browser started with html-tab.

Let me know if anything needs explaining.


Doing this in an iframe ended up not being a very good solution.

In the end I was able to just React.renderComponent onto a root element and, with some massaging, have that work OK.