Creating and then loading a file stack/group

I was looking for a feature in Atom that would save a path trace of files, and then be able to load that group of files into the buffer, and tab-navs, etc… Is there a packages or feature like this already?

I would like to do something like: be able to click a button/link at the top of the left side file browser and then load a previously saved group of files and be able to add / save new groups.

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I don’t know of any package that does this without changing the project folder. If you can’t find one, you may need to write yourself in or a package. It’s super-easy if you know anything about JavaScript. To save, just run atom.workspace.getTextEditors(), then create a file in your .atom/ directory and write the results of getPath() for each of those. To load, just read that file and run If you want to store multiple groups, of course, you’ll need to figure out the UI, but that’s the hardest part of this.

Is it still the case that this feature does not exist in any Atom plugin?

I have been looking and looking for something like it in Atom and it’s like the idea of a project being composed of things that don’t just exist in a particular folder is foreign somehow.

Why couldn’t you just open files anywhere on your machine and then save that grouping of files to a project and a list of these that’s editable.

This functionality has existed in Gedit for a while and I used it quite a bit but that plugin didn’t just work when I added it, I had to mess around with it and even consulted the developer to troubleshoot. Since I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 it’s gone away again and I don’t know if it’s maintained for the Gedit 3.28 version. I guess it’s not a highly desired feature, but it seems as if it should be a core one to me.

… and it’s like the idea of a project being composed of things that don’t just exist in a particular folder is foreign somehow.

Since you are using Ubuntu 18.04 I can summarise what I use to bring together into an Atom tree-view (Project) files scattered throughout my Ubuntu 16.04 file system.

First I create a number of project folders in my $HOME directory.

Also I have a special folder I named $HOME/__LINKS and inside this I add symlinks to scattered folders and files.

Next I use Krusader as my external file manager and I can select any $HOME project folder to launch inside Atom tree-view by adding a UserAction. For example I have created in $HOME/__LINKS a www symlink pointing to my www folder in /var. I select this www symlink in Krusader and then go to topbar Useractions to select custom Atom action Add folder/file/symlink as shown in image below. The www symlink expands in Atom tree-view to show entire www structure.

This workflow allows me to use Krusader as the orchestrator of what project(s) I load into Atom. In other words use a toolchain.

This external file manager loads symlinks and folder/files into Atom tree-view. In Atom tree-view be careful to note the difference between right click Remove Project Folder and Delete. I suggest experimenting with test symlinks which are backed up.

As another approach I have tried project-viewer package which brings together multiple files and assets.