Creating an auto-complete plus set?


Auto complete plus, which I guess is now core, has gotten astonishingly better over the months. Along with the CSS and HTML package, it’s a pleasure to use.

I was wondering if it was possible for a user (like me) to create add-ons for it? I’d like to add the Bootstrap 3 class completions. Is there a guide or other API documentation on how to do this?


If you haven’t already, check out the auto-complete-plus github repo. The people there would help you. They are always looking for plugins. And check out existing plug-in repos of course.


There’s documentation on how to create a provider for autocomplete-plus:


DId you work on a Bootstrap 3 autocomplete package? I’d be interested in seeing it if so!


Turns out there already is one! It’s quite good, too.


Cool. Found it and using it - I opened a PR to update to latest version of Bootstrap and the package has just been updated.