Creating a new package doesn't work


I’ve just tried creating a new package with Aton version 0.174.0 (0.174.0) following this tutorial:

After I executed the Package Generator: Generate Package command and entered a name, a new window opened, but with no content, as well as no freshly created package in the file tree. In fact I can’t find the created package with the given name anywhere. The file tree just shows the content of the Users folder of my mac. (The package isn’t in the .atom/packages folder.) It seems like a bug to me. Can anyone confirm this?


The package will be created, by default, in the directory pointed to by core.projectHome, which you can see here defaults to ~/github:


That’s really interesting. I actually had the Project Home path changed. After I changed it back so it looks like on the picture, the normal package creation behavior came back, meaning after creating a package, Atom opens its contents in a new window like it’s supposed to happen. Thanks a lot!