Creating a folder in the Dropbox Desktop folder with Node JS from Electron app


I’m developing an electron app that integrates with the Dropbox javascript SDK and uses node js to perform tasks on the local machine, allowing an online and offline experience.

All I am doing is programmatically creating a new folder in the Dropbox desktop folder using node js… the problem is that it automatically sets to NOT sync. I need it to sync as default. If I manually create a new folder then it DOES automatically set to sync.

On looking at the folders permissions through the Terminal I thought it was to do with the fact that the manually create folder had an extended attribute. So I used xattr module to copy the extended attributes found on the syncing folders but it still will not set to sync:

Slice 1

‘Hello’ was created manually whereas ‘General Information’ was created through node js

I guess my question is how do I use node js to exactly replicate what happens when you manually create a folder?

I’ve been in touch with Dropbox Help who were, well, not much help at all, and have also posted this on the dropbox community forum and stack overflow but I am so tight on time I thought I’d try here as well. Can anyone help?