Created Atom docset for Kapeli's Dash Mac app


For those of you on a Mac that use Kapeli’s Dash app, I’ve created a docset for the Atom API docs. It’s been accepted now so you should be able to find it under the User Contributed docsets.

I’ve made a simple node.js script that generates the sqlite3 database from the API docs, feel free to fork, improve or submit issues if you find them.

EDIT: if you can’t find it, go to Dash > Preferences > Downloads, then on the left-hand side choose “User Contributed” and the Atom docset will be available in there.


This is so awesome, I was wondering when this was going to happen. Didn’t really know how to go about doing it myself. Nice job!


Can you make this for the package creation docs? That’s what I thought you meant :smile:

Still very cool.


You mean include all the guides under as well as the API docs? I think that should be possible. Or are there some other package creation docs that I’ve missed?


In the true bikeshed mentality: there is already an “Atom” docset that contains user-level documentation, so how about renaming this one to “Atom API” or something?


The only existing Atom docset is just a cheat sheet which includes a bunch of the most common default keyboard shortcuts. There’s plenty of existing Dash docsets that have the same name cheat sheet (eg. Font Awesome, SQLite, Vim). The User Contributed docsets guide is pretty clear about naming your API docs the same name as the API, excluding “API”, aliases or any version numbers (aliasing and versioning are handled separately).


Point taken. I take back my suggestion. Thanks for the explanation.


Oh, so, all I found was the cheat sheat. You did publish the API stuff? Can you guide me to them or provide a link? I’m not so good with dash…


In Dash, go to Preferences. Go to the Downloads tab within Preferences. Then on the left hand side (and this is the important part!) select the bottom-most item “User Contributed”. Then search for “atom”. Yay!

Took me a bit of fiddling, too.


Yeah, it’s kind of annoying that it doesn’t show up when you’re searching “All docsets”, but I can see his point that if they’re 3rd party contributed docsets he doesn’t have control over the quality. I can’t imagine he maintains all of the current docsets so maybe he has a process where he moves them into the main section after a period of time or number of downloads. Or just trusted maintainers.