Create program paid using electron


Hello, I came up one doubts.

use electrons to create proprietary software and wrong? for example want to create a program to manage Mikrotik and want to sell this program through licenses this and wrong?

sorry if I wrote something wrong I am Brazilian and I’m not sure English


Electron is MIT licensed which is very liberal; allowing you to do almost anything you want with the code including creating closed source and (presumably) paid applications. However Electron does not offer any built-in source code protection.


Created a FAQ for this too:


then in relation to the protection code to not care so much for my application will be until quite simple, was worried about committing a crime, but you remedied my doubts thanks


thank you :smiley:


Hi @RodriguesCosta,

I’m thinking of doing the same as you, is your app now live?
Also do you use a 3rd party service to sell your licenses with? Or have you created a system to generated and validate the licenses?



Hello sorry for the delay was quite busy in recent times, so I’m already with my system running, for the sale of licenses seeing because propia, my program and simple in relation to validation of licenses also created a propia way validation in my program I do with the user is required to log in with a username and password in the system, thus the program will atenticar this username and password on my server, and record the copy of the program, thus preventing anyone from using the same .

Sorry for any error writing I am Brazilian and I do not speak very well English


Hi @RodriguesCosta, Thanks for replying.
Your validation seems really good, mine now does something similar except for the part of preventing the same licence use.
Thanks :).