Create personal suggests


Hi everyone,

I’m new here and I need help to create personal suggests that make my programming easier than before.
Why I need this? Because I work with an internal-framework in js and I have lack of documentation so I want to create a comfortable environment to work.

I want an experience eclipse-like, an example:

I write values. well now I want select the only methods available (get, put and remove)
I write items. and now I’ll have (get, clear etc…)

What can I do to create this?
I need something about Providers…but I don’t understand where I need to write those addons to personalize Atom.


The information on Atom’s autocomplete-plus package’s provider API can be found here:


Thanks for the answer, but I don’t understand where I can define my personal provider because in that guide there’s a reference to ‘package.json’ (in that file I should add my provider) but isn’t autocomplete+ already installed in Atom?

I need to download from github the autocomplete+ zip and move its content in packages in the .atom folder?
In that zip there’s a package.json.


You would create your own package (modeled after the other providers) and autocomplete-plus would use that to populate its popup with prompts.