Create My Own HTML snippets



I would like to add my own HTML snippets to atom, but they don’t seem to be over-riding the ones that ship with Atom?

Below is the only HTML snippet i’ve added so far to the snippets file (this is below my CSS snippets which work fine).

‘prefix’: ‘div’
‘body’: ‘


Am I doing something wrong here, or do i need to remove the built-in HTML snippets first ?

Many thanks,



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Hi Paul,

The forum has a problem displaying your code snippet. I hope to help you with that, so that someone can help you with your actual question.

Please try the following format for posting your code snippet here…
Please ignore the content. Focus on the format.

  'A short description':
    'prefix': 'word'
    'body': '{code snippet}'

Focus on the backquote [ ` ] being used.

Highlight the code snippet and trigger the format trigger for this-is-code.

- Dan