Create music formatting package


Hey, just fired up for the first time, looks very cool :smile:

I was thinking it would be great to create a music formatting package for ABC notation - current apps for this are not amazing and it would be useful for me. I imagine it would be a similar structure to the markdown preview project - rendering music (on a canvas) instead. What would be the rough approach I would take to do this / any tips please. Would forking the markdown package and then hooking into existing html notation rederers be the idea…?

Many thanks!



Are you talking about music composition? Writting partitures? It’s a strange use for a code/text editor, but it would be cool and show how flexible it could be :smile: I think a good aproach would be to use the markdown plugin as a basis, from this point you’ll only need to change the html generation for a partitures one (I believe there’s some support for music writting on unicode, so you’ll not need to use a canvas), and later change the markdown parser for an ABC notation one. Anyway, both are though tasks that will require some not-average coding skills…


I believe this can be useful to you:

It’s a Javascript library that create canvas images from MusicXML format, so your plugin only would need to convert from ABC format to the MusicXML format, or maybe also edit the MusicXML format directly. Anyway, I think both tasks are easier to achieve and more flexible that your original idea… :smile:


Thanks for the input / suggestions :smile:

I think unicode may have support for notes etc but i image it stops there - would not be good for layout out music (I could be wrong!).

Will check out the music xml link - there are a few javascript music formatting libs.

Its not that strange for a text editor - see These are a bit of a hassle to use on OSX so would be cool to intergrate into atom!



Convert the MusicXML to MIDI data and use WebMIDI API to play your partiture… LOL! X-D Awesome :smile:


Good idea! thx, will check it out :slight_smile: