Create installer and make auto-update working


Hi everyone, I’d like to create installers for windows and mac and make auto-update working.

I checked the and used grunt-windows-installer package to create installer for windows on ubuntu and windows. The .exe and .msi are successfully created, but there is no any interaction during installation. Should it be?

Then I tried electron-builder package, it works and creates .exe file well, there is interaction during installation, but I’m not sure, that we can use it for auto update.
Could anyone suggest the working way?


The second question: what OS should I use to create installers? E.g. I’m working on linux, but I’d like to create installers for windows and mac. Yes, I “can” create installers with a lot of additional libraries like “wine” or “mono”, but should I do it? I guess there shouldn’t be problem with creating of windows installer on windows and dmg on mac.


I find the documentation regarding making installers and auto updates very lacking. After lots and lots of searching I managed to make something that works for Windows, but it shouldn’t have to be so hard find. The power of good no-skipping-steps examples is underestimated a lot I believe.

For Windows I used Squirrel and it indeed has no user interaction at all. It just shows an animated gif. At least you can choose the gif so you can use that to explain some stuff to the user. Other than that it’s a usability nightmare. Also if you try to open the installer again just nothing happens… Also there isn’t an uninstaller provided, but you can use Control Panel of course, but that doesn’t actually delete everything. It leaves a lot of files behind and also doesn’t delete the folder in the Start Menu.

At least the auto update part works well :). In the end that’s what made me use it.

I’m trying to find out how create something similar for OSX, I can’t find any example for that either :(.


Hey, thanks for you answer, I missed it because of settings of this forum.

Same results on my side.


Hi Janneman84, I have no idea of how to make autoUpdate and all stuff about Squirrel that electron recommends to using.
Can you give me sample app, how to integrate the autoupdate… I don’t know where to look… I can’t find any article about using squirrel with electron app


Did you figure it out? I’m having troubles understanding what’s needed on the server side, especially for the Windows side.