Create git submodule from atom


Does anyone know if its possible to create a git submodule using atoms interface somehow?

A Git submodule is just an ordinary repository, so it’s no different from initializing any other repository. Maybe you asked the wrong question?

if I try to clone using atom command from cmd+shift+p… I get an error cloning into an existing directory.

How would you go about adding a submodule to a repo, using atom, not the command line?

You don’t add submodules using git clone, there is a separate command for that (git submodule add <repository>). It looks like Atom’s GitHub package does not support that yet.

What the package does support is cloning repositories with submodules (equivalent to git clone --recursive <repository>).

It looks like Atom’s GitHub package does not support that yet.

Well that’s unfortunate. Also, it isn’t possible to clone another git repo inside an existing repo using atom cmd+shift+p -> clone. This gives an error.

I have not contributed (directly) to atom yet. But if I wanted to help add these features, how would I go about?

Should I fork the GitHub repo, edit, and then ask for a pull request? or should I start an issue?

You can clone a repository inside another one. Keep an eye on the To directory fields, since the package makes some assumptions on where to you want to clone. If you edit the path of To directory after unfocusing the Clone from field, everything should work as desired.