Create game for fun with Electron


I create a text based adventure game for fun, AKA Galgame.

My friend is working on character illustration, and i’m work on coding, story and human resource LOL.
Another friend tell me i’m first to use electron making Galgame.

So i just use many electron feature like:

  1. IPC
  2. WebView tag

That’s was super awesome, our game could use Leaflet.js to create a map navigation!
And i just use css to create this iPhone 1st gen like phone, i call this “MyPhone” in game story LOL.

When we finish this game, we’ll post more things here, and most important thing is:
Mac OS yosemite WebView not work on 0.27.1

Here is some screenshot.


So the problem is that 0.27.1’s WebView is not working


However, the same thing works on 0.26


Electron 0.27.1 has a bug that webviews are not visible. This has been fixed in the 0.27.2 release, see