Create custom view Hello world


I’m struggling to understand how to create a custom view(INSERT RIGHT NAME HERE), i can only find outdated documentations and cant really understand code in other packages.

Can please someone provide a working package with just a div beside the editor that shows an Hello world?

Thanks in advance



If you are saying somehting like an Input Box, you may find Go To Line Package a good start. It was fairly easy to understand and use.


No, i was able to create someting like Go To Line following the pacakge creation tutorials, i’m talking about something like this


Maybe you only need to use atom.workspace.addRightPanel instead of atom.workspace.addModalPanel? If yes, when you create a new package using Package Generator, just replace addModalPanel for addRightPanel and it will show as you pointed.

The Symbols Tree Package is another example.


It works, thanks a lot :smile:

Now time to find out a prober way to add markup without cumbersome tags in js