Create custom highlight rule

Hi everybody,

I am trying to highlight specific character combination in markdown. I have 2 clues:

  1. I did found a package ( but I got an error when loading, the package doesn’t found the config file source.
  2. I followed what has been told here Syntax highlighting for special chars × ÷ ≠ or π, and it worked only for first instances of characters in a file.

The goal is: I use .md files as bullet journal and character as “[!]” or “” as marker for tasks. I would like to automatically highlight those characters to give the file a bit of a color code.

Any suggestion on how I could achieve the goal?
Solution #1 would be the best, but I’m not able to solve the issue with the package…

Thank you guys!

This thought occurred to me. But I don’t know if it applies to your case.

Explore markdown-preview-enhanced - extending parser through mume,

That was a good guess, but manipulate the output of a Markdown file, I would like to use the .md file as is, not to parse it through a browser. I am searching to a way to just highlight custom syntax rule.

For some tasks sometimes I share a common file between Atom and Sublime Text. Or even Atom and VSCode. Then I can switch between two separate views of the file in two editor windows (whether it be markdown or code).

Here is a Sublime discussion on markdown highlighting for example.

Markdown-extended package for Sublime.

Horses for courses.

Correction: It appears that monokai extended is not supported in Sublime 3. Bang goes that idea.