Create cross-platform keybindings for a package


I’ve recently developed a package I thought would be useful for Atom’s wider audience. However, I created it in Mac OS X, meaning it uses mac-style keybinds (cmd, etc.). How would I go about rewriting the keybinds so that they’re cross-platform (can be used in Mac, Windows, Linux)?


Use the .platform-darwin, .platform-win32, and .platform-linux selectors to make keybindings that apply to only one platform, then make an entry for each command under each platform selector.


Thank you! Is there reference material somewhere regarding the use of these selectors (particularly in combination with other selectors), or would I best be served by looking around in other packages? I saw some selectors mentioned in the Keymap section of the documentation, but not anything specifically related to the ones you mentioned.


Here’s a good example.