Create Atom package using Vue.js


Hey there,

I’m facing quiet some trouble porting my Atom packages (using Vue 1.x) to the newer versions of Vue (2.x).
In fact, I can’t event get to the basic atom-package created by the package-generator to display a simple ‘Hello World’ using Vue.
In my simple mind I thought I could continue writing html strings that were subsequently parsed by Vue and compiled into a Vue instance. However, now it looks like these components need to be pre-compiled (or maybe not?).
I read the documentation about the runtime vs. compiler version of Vue, but still I had no success in actually getting the package to display anything.

If anyone has some useful ressources on how this can be implemented in a package, ideally with a sample repo (like this one created for Vue 0.x (and in JS rather than CoffeScript) I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,


It would be helpful if you shared your testing package so that the people here could look at your code.


I finally managed to get it working. For anyone who is also struggling with this, I made a minimal demo package based on the default one generated by the Atom package generator.

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