Create an overlay panel container layer?


I have a custom outline editor that I’m building and I’d like to add some “overlay” views for some editing scenarios. By that I mean temporary popup views similar to how the existing color-picker package view works.

That is the view should display positioned relative to some content in my outline. And then it should disappear when the user clicks somewhere else, scrolls, or whatever.

Looking at the color-picker package it seems that the color picker is somewhat arbitrarily inserted into the DOM. Is there interest in creating some API to make a more standard way of doing this?

Right now the Workspace has API for adding Top/Left/Right/Bottom/Modal panels. What if we added another “Overlay” panel container where absolute positioned panels could be added to temporarily overlay any part of the workspace?

I’d be happy to create a first version of this if people thing it would be useful and likely to get merged into Atom.


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I think you should go with overlay decorations:

FWIW it’s what autocomplete uses.

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Hi and thanks. But the problem is that the view I want to overlay isn’t a TextEditor. That’s why I’m looking for a more generic workspace wide solution.


Oh sorry, in that case I fear that you have to build one yourself.


I’ve created a starting point pull request here:

Thoughts and feedback would be welcome!