Create a new project in Atom


Im having a weird problem, I cant create a new project in Atom

I used to use Atom a lot in the past but my laptop got broken so in the new laptop, I cant create a new project.

I go to File > New File. It creates a untitled file. and not sure what the hell I can do there.

I installed Package-manager, yet nothing. any help?


You save the file (File > Save As) where you want the project to be. Or is it something specific you mean with a project?


Im trying to create a simple website in php for a school project.
for websites I usually use and visual studio. but cant for php. and wanting to try out this new software…


when I try go to File > Save As it shows an error like " you cant open this location using this program. Please try a different location"

wtf is that supposed to mean?


Probably that Atom doesn’t have permission to save to the directory you’re targeting.


whats that supposed to mean?


The directory you’re trying to save to has some permission settings that are preventing Atom from saving there.