Crazy idea


I’ve got a crazy idea and i want to share it, so i can get some feedback.

I was thinking if a html5/css/js editor that would work on the web would be a good idea.

Online html5 editor, in which you alter content and css directly, inline, thru some panels and see the result right away. That way you could see the results imediatly as you alter the page. Like a developer inspector, but more visual and user-friendly. You would only refresh if you’d made changes to js files.

So, sort of like jsfiddle(which has live update), but the difference is that you import your webpage and start editing it there, in the browser.

The editor would also have advanced features such as code-hinting, & stuff.

This would mean that thru web, you could end up in the mobile world, where there isn’t a good html editor.

Could Atom be used for such an editor?

Thank you and i hope i got myself understood.


There are threads to be found about running Atom in a browser. While some think it might be possible someday I don’t think it is likely. Atom is built on the Chrome browser but it is also half Node and Node will never run in the browser because it reads and writes the disk and has full access to networking.


The Atom team doesn’t have any plans for doing something like you’re suggesting.

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