Crash when open a file with long code in on line(Mac OS X)


It’s nearly crash when open a file with long javascript code in on line ( *.min.js ).I need to wait long time,dozens of seconds usually.


Mac OS 10.12.3 & Atom 1.14.3 x 64


And my packages :


This is a known problem. The best solution is to just use minified files for production and not actually work with them. If you have a minified file that you need expanded, you can use atom-beautify to process it into a state that Atom finds easier to handle.


OK ,Thanks


Do you have the plan to fix this problem?


I’m not on the dev team, so I have no insight into it. @leedohm, do you know anything?


Download Atom 1.15.0-beta4 or above. There were two issues fixed:

  1. Opening minified files will no longer hang or crash Atom
  2. A performance regression with JavaScript files containing multiple arrays was fixed