Crash when I save on afs


I have a project on afs (Andrew file system) and I like to use atom for the project, but every time I try to save a file on the folder on afs the editor crashes.
On the local folders it does not crash.

Is it a know issue?

thank you


have somebody any news?


Andrew File System is not particularly common outside of enterprise networks, as I understand it. There’s a good chance that nobody who has seen this thread has ever used it.


Additionally, this would most likely be a Node issue that the Atom team doesn’t have any control over. Atom uses the standard Node libraries to save files.


I tried other editors and they don’t have problem to save on the mounted folders of CERN afs.
But I’d like to use atom.


This isn’t something that the Atom team is likely to work on given our current roadmap and that it is almost surely something that would have to be fixed in Node. You can use the following Node script to test the theory (since I don’t have access to an AFS file system):

#!/usr/bin/env node

var fs = require('fs');
fs.writeFileSync("/path/to/file/on/afs/mount", "Hey there!");
console.log("The file was saved!");


where have I to try it?
On my pc (windows 7) the mount the afs disk or on directly on the source pc (linux).


The same place where you run Atom.