Crash only when opening ONE file


Hello so basically when i right click and click open with atom on one of my folders the text editor freezes then says atom crashed… However if i open anything else it works fine!

I think this MIGHT be because when i open it its already on a file so how can i make it so when i open that folder it does not open any files yet…?

Thanks, Matt


Was there a very large file open in that one directory?

The way to get around Atom opening all the files, without messing up your other data, is to open Atom somewhere else and use File -> Add Project Folder to add the problematic folder. Finally, right click on the original folder and select Remove Project Folder. When you close Atom, the old information will be overwritten.


Ah ha! i think this worked! Thank you very much and yes the file i was working with was very large around 2500 lines to be exact!

Thank you again for the help!