Crash on Startup after installing Nuclide-Installer


After re-installing atom on a new computer and installing Nuclide, Atom crashes on startup. I used the --safe param and got the following error when going to “update packages”.

==== JS stack trace =========================================
Security context: 19E22495 <String[7]: file://>
    1: slowToString [buffer.js:344] [pc=2EEC94B8] (this=227873FD <an Uint8Array
with map 38E72EA9>,encoding=19E24D25 <String[4]: utf8>,start=0,end=63511013)
    2: toString [buffer.js:~371] [pc=2EE69729] (this=227873FD <an Uint8Array with map 38E72EA9>)
    3: arguments adaptor frame: 3->0
    4: write [string_decoder.js:129] [pc=1649CEBD] (this=27EA4141 <JS Object>,buffer=227873FD <an Uint8...

Looks like it might be an issue that was fixed in the latest version of Node?

This is on Windows 10 64bit. Fresh install of Atom from website (1.3.2) and it seemed to happen after installing Nuclide-Installer package.


Looks like the issue was this: but I don’t think Atom should just crash in an infinite loop because a package is misconfigured.


There is nothing to protect atom from a package. If a package crashes during startup then Atom is taken down with it. That is why there is safe-mode.