Crash on gnome


I am on arch linux, gnome 3. Atom runs perfectly well,excepted when I want to resize the application window. It then crashes … the entire system, linux included, forced to reboot with power button. It does not happen if I maximize the window, only with the right and bottom resize.

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What version of Atom are you running?

Atom’s window component is built on part of Chrome, so whenever there’s a problem that has something to do with native window handling, it’s important to perform tests to see if the issue can be replicated with Chrome or another Electron app. If Atom is the only one out of the three that causes an issue, then it’s definitely a matter that should be brought to the attention of the dev team.


Atom 1.23.2

Chromium 63.0.3239.132

Electron 1.6.15

I tried several example-app with Electron without crashing. Chromium is
ok too.


Sounds like this issue?

I tried to reproduce just not but was unable to but you can subscribe there for updates if you’d like @Usefulrisk. Feel free to drop your details in there as well (operating system, version of Atom, etc.).


yes, exactly.

VisualCode uses alson Electron I believe, and does not crash.

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And once it has crashed once it does it all the time.

installing last version of Electron (1.17) - pacman -Syyu on arch linux


Nope. Still crashing. Both vscode and Atom.