CPP Compiler that spawns PowerShell


The GPP-Compiler spawns the output in a CMD window, I am facing some problems running CMD and I read online that a couple of others are facing the same problem as well.
So, how about a package that spawns the output of the program in PowerShell instance?


I believe termination opens PowerShell by default. If you use process-palette, you can spawn any shell you have. When it comes to using external software from inside Atom, there’s no difference mechanically between narrow-focus packages like gpp-compiler and broad packages like process-palette; both send shell commands to the OS using the BufferedProcess API.


platformio-ide-terminal also opens a PowerShell, I tried that, and running the programs from the command line provided by it works just fine.
But, is there any package which will allow me to take input and execute programs (in C/C++) properly? Script package doesn’t support taking input.


Any of the terminal packages will. For process-palette or any of the other packages that send single commands, you would have to configure the command string to open a terminal window.