Couldn't install PlatformIO IDE Terminal

I couldn’t install PlatformIO IDE Terminal in Atom. I am getting error message every time.

Looks like you need to install the compilation tools. Quoting the Flight Manual:

From an elevated Powershell window (right click and “run as Administrator”) do: npm install --global windows-build-tools@4

Thanks for your kind reply, I have opened the windows powershell and typed the code “npm install --global windows-build-tools@4” but shows the below attached error.

I am planning to do self-study on Python programming, so I have downloaded latest version of Python, Atom and Visual Studio 2019. Am I missing any other thing during installing PlatformIO IDE Terminal in Atom?

Huh, if you have Visual Studio you don’t need to run the command above. Go to the Visual Studio installer, then check and install the Visual C++ Build Tools. Hopefully that fixes it :slight_smile: