Could we get a version number on the front page?


I would love it if there was an obvious easy-to-find spot that displayed the current stable release number on the front page of the atom site. I’m a linux user so I have to manually update atom, which means I need to regularly compare the current stable release number with the version number I am currently using.

Not a huge deal, but it would require minimal effort to make this improvement.

I think the way Node does it is pretty much ideal (stick the version number on the download button).


Click the Help tab (at the top bar). One of the dropdown items is your current installed version of Atom. :slight_smile:


Until we do something like you’re requesting, you can always go to to see the latest stable release version.


@Mike_Laird I am not asking how to check my installed version. I am asking for the current stable release to be displayed on the home page of atom for easy reference.

@leedohm Yeah, thanks. That’s what I do now, it’s just a some extra steps compared to just going to and finding it on the home page.


Yeah. Every so often, I think, “hmm, I wonder if there’s a new version of atom”, and because for some reason there’s no official atom package in the debian distro manager, I have to check on my own. I head over to, remember that there’s nothing on that page, and then click the documentation link, which for some reason shows the current version.

Ideally, of course, having the linux version auto-update would be ideal. If nothing else though, putting the current version near the download buttons on the top-level page would be rad.


You can also subscribe to the Github releases Atom feed.

For that matter, why isn’t there a package that looks at that feed, compares the latest numbers on each channel with the active version of Atom, and notifies the user of an update? That seems really easy to make happen.


There is an open Issue for what you’re talking about here:


Just a +1 post.

I would like to see a version number on home page too.


I came to the Atom homepage looking to see what the latest version number was. Couldn’t remember if it was 1.17, 1.18, or higher. Couldn’t find the number mentioned on the homepage, download button, or any obvious place to look. Even downloading the installer didn’t give me a clue. Minimalism taken one step too far.