Could the Atom text editor component be a module?


Having used CodeMirror quite a bit and starting to switch projects to react, I’m keenly interested about whether the new text editor component could be used in other projects. I’m sure some of it is tied into Atom currently, possibly deeply, but is there a subset that would be usable externally?


I’ll just link this into the other variations of the same question :grinning:


That’s a rather different question: this isn’t about porting Atom as a whole - many of the modules used by Atom are already npm-available and usable in other web projects, including the previous editor component. This is just wondering if the new text editor component will be modularized.


I understand the difference, but it is a related question and people searching for what you’re talking about may run into those and find this one because of the links. That’s why I didn’t close this topic as a duplicate.


I think there also was a comment made by someone from the atom team, to the effect that the editor might be made into a web component of some kind, as part of a long-term roadmap (minus the stuff that node would be used for of course).

Trying to find where that was…


Here it was:

Actually there’s is talk of a “nearer term” even. :wink: