Could not publish a package


Trying to publish my package:
apm publish minor

Preparing and tagging a new version done
Pushing v0.1.0 tag done
Publishing auto-convert-to-utf8@v0.1.0 failed
Creating new version failed: Git tag not found

My package:


I don’t know why there is no README data in

Is there anyone face the same problem and know how to solve it ?

  1. Have you done apm login?
  2. Is the branch you’re trying to publish from named master?
  3. Is the remote that points to your GitHub repository named origin?


Thank you very much!

The follow is operation. There also seems something bad here.


Did you push the tag to the remote repository before using apm publish --tag?


Yes. I can see the tag in my remote repo.


When I looked deeper into it, it appears that you’ve deleted and republished your GitHub repository after you tried to publish the first time. As mentioned in the Flight Manual, this breaks the connection between your repo and your package and we have to manually go in to correct it.

I’ve deleted the record of your package in the system, so publishing should work now using apm publish --tag v0.1.0.


It’s very nice. Thank you. Everything is ok.