Could not get code signature for running application


Hey there. I’m trying to setup my process for Squirrel.
Currently my app works, is signed (both Mac and Windows), and my builds are fine. Everything signs perfectly. I’m now implementing Squirrel. When I put it on my build script (which signs and builds the app) everything works great and my app is signed and I get no Squirrel errors. However, when I run my dev script, electron . I get this error:

App threw an error when running { [Error: Could not get code signature for running application]
  preventDefault: [Function: preventDefault],
   EventEmitter {
     setFeedURL: [Function: setFeedURL],
     checkForUpdates: [Function: checkForUpdates],
     quitAndInstall: [Function: quitAndInstall],
     setFeedUrl: [Function] } }

I assume this is because I am not signing before I am running the electron . script… If that is the case, how am I supposed to do this? Do I need to “build” every time I want to test my app?