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Is it just me or Atom feels a little slow? Compared to Sublime Text, the palette takes longer to appear, scrolling is slower, typing is slower… In short, it is just a little bit slower overall. This is not a critical issue, but I tend to prefer editors that respond faster to my actions.


I sense the slow too. but I think it’s acceptable for a App at it’s early beta stage.


Yeah, but will the developers be able to make it faster or is it fundamentally slower because it is based on web technologies? I haven’t used, so I don’t have a baseline for web-based editors.


I wonder how much faster it can actually be though. It appears to be written on Node.js running on a fork of Chromium.


I suspect it can get faster, Brackets is quite good and based on codemirror, the editors in Firefox and Chromium also use codemirror. Atom uses a custom editor so tbd how they can scale it, but I wouldn’t blame ‘web’ for perf issues necessarily.


Typing, which was a major concern to me, feels quite snappy. The action that feels slower to me is opening files and folders from the finder into the app. That takes way, way too much compared to Sublime.


I’ve noticed the slowness as well. Its a very annoying problem. Sometimes it doesn’t register click events. If you click repeatedly on the folder arrows it just halts. Clicking and switching back and forth between tabs quickly is slow and ends up halting also.

However after three days of working with it I’m afraid I am going to have to go back to Sublime Text. I’m typing and I have to wait for the text editor to catch up.

I understand that this text editor is in beta. When I began playing around with Atom I thought I had found my new favorite text editor. The shortcut keys in Atom are familiar, the plugins are useful, and the interface is beautifully designed however the interface is slow. It may be because of some of the plugins I have installed. It has many performance improvements that need to be completed on the UI before it will be a favorite.

If a text editor is claimed to be modern it must be fast and responsive.


Found Atom very slow when replacing a lot of " with ’ on a single line of JSON (about a thousand). It took Atom about 6 and a half minutes to complete, and I had to click the 'Keep Waiting button a bunch of times. Sublime did the same replace command in 20 seconds.


I know it’s a known issue and I’ve already seen improvements in the speed. You all need to remember that this is a beta project and that they are still actively working on it. Speed it probably their number 1 issue.


Have you guys ever tried Cloud9 IDE? It’s powered by the ace editor and it’s incredibly smooth. I think atom has a long way to go but we’re getting there.


I also sometimes feels some slowness, it is not THAT bad usually. I feel a bit more slowness when I have two or three panes opened.

Also, opening large files is still a problem…and the inspector popping out for no reason sometimes in large (and not-so-large) files made me switch back to Sublime for now.

Still switching back and forth regularly though hoping it gets better soon :smile:


This was my first impression too, unfortunately. Scrolling is quite sluggish, with a lot of “inertia” and a quite low frame rate compared to Sublime. Enough so to be jarring when making the change, but I guess one could get used to it. It seems to be a rendering issue; a small window is much more responsive than a large one.


sublimetext is way faster unfortunately. Loads in 2 secs, and much more responsive in overall.

Cannot wait for new releases hopefully containing improvements on this field.


+1. Noted especially on multiple selections with Cmd+D and editing multiple selections. Editor freezes up to 10 seconds while every key press. And I’m using retina pro.


I agree with this. Opening windows and files seems to be a little slower than in ST.


I agree with opening files - it usually takes about a second or two before they appear, which feels kind of awkward.
I can’t say I have the issues described here in regards to typing or similar operations - this works absolutely fine for me (retina macbook pro). I haven’t tried large find/replace operations, I can’t say anything about that.


Just thought I’d add a Timecop print from this morning.
Note that the shell load time takes 3/4 of a second.
The overwhelming bottleneck is still the combined loading and activating of all those packages:

Granted, this is the first launch. Subsequent launches are faster due to whatever caching the OS gives you, but it’s clear that the more functionality is added via packages, the more you pay for that with launch time.
It’s the very nature of Atom, so streamlining package code, deferring activation, minimizing dependencies etc… all of that helps, but it’s only tweaking. The launch time issue is probably not going to go away unless this package system gets majorly overhauled in some way.


Someone knows if Atom will receive some performance inprovment? I like Atom but Sublime Text is still faster.


There is a much more complete discussion of this topic here:

Atom is constantly getting performance improvements, for example see the section on the 1.3.0 Beta in the blog post here:

Or the section on reduced GC pauses in the blog post here:

Among many others, not to mention numerous pull requests.

But as I’ve said before, if raw speed is your primary concern then, at least at this point, Atom is probably not the editor for you.

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