Correct Way to build C programs


Is there a way (read correct way) I can build C programs in Atom-Editor ??
So I have been reading through several posts about the same but couldn’t get a single package/post which offers these things:

  • Auto Compile and Run the code (more like what ctrl+B does in subl)
    I don’t know whether this is possible in C but runnning only pieces of code like in this packages:
    Run in Atom package
  • Also it would be great if someone would point me to the complete Syntax Highlighting and Auto-complete solution for C/C++

How can I compile c code out of atom?

Regarding building C/C++ … I don’t know of a package that offers a build solution for C/C++ programs. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist … just that I haven’t seen it or don’t remember it being mentioned here.

Atom does not yet have a unified build system like Sublime Text does. Though perhaps someone has built a package that emulates this.

C/C++ isn’t built in such a way that it can be easily runtime evaluated, like the Run in Atom package. For this, I think you would have to go to a dedicated C/C++ IDE.

Please specify what it is you’re looking for that is missing in the C/C++ syntax highlighting and what you’re really looking for when you say “Auto-complete”.

I suspect that you’re looking for a C/C++ IDE and, as mentioned in other topics on the board, while Atom has some IDE-like features for specific languages because of some of the great community members that have made these things possible … Atom is an editor, not an IDE. Perhaps Atom will get to the point where it will have more comprehensive IDE-like features (an Intellisense framework for any language, comprehensive syntactic, semantic and style checking, code reformatting, etc) … but that is a ways off at this point, I believe.


It should be added that, if @leedohm hasn’t seen such a package, there probably hasn’t been one yet. Most people announce or discuss their packages somewhere on this forum, which is actually running on Lee’s pre-frontal cortex as a web server, so… he just knows.

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No I’m not looking for an IDE but a nice text editor which can build C programs (I must clearly specify small C programs here for just checking what I’m coding is correct e.g: A function from a module of a project or the module itself but not the project which maybe >1mb but the main-purpose would be bor building small programs so that if there are compile errors it did mention it to me…)
Thanks for the info though!!
And as of highlighting and autocomplete there are many packages but none which provides complete solution as I did mention before (I believe I did but I am sorry for not briefing it properly )