Core editor symlink to dev


I went here:, and followed the instructions.
I linked tree-view repository to dev mode, and it worked!
I tried the same thing to core editor repository:
However, that did not work. The following is the list of steps I took to link it to dev mode.

git clone
cd atom
apm install
apm link -d

I modified the code in the repo, and opened a folder in dev mode by pressing cmd-shift-o.
But, nothing happened. It was supposed to pop up a message when splitting a pane to right because I put ‘alert “Hello”’ in function split() in

Does anyone know why core editor repo is not properly symlinked to dev mode?
Any help would be appreciated!


The instructions you read are for contributing to packages. The core editor is not a package. See this post by @postcasio for more information on how to easily load the code you’re changing in the core editor:


@leedohm Thanks for your answer! But, unfortunately, I followed the instructions described in the post, but that didn’t work either.

  1. git clone
  2. Used Sublime Text to modify source code.
  3. atom -r ./atom
  4. nothing happened!


You can always just follow the build instructions as well.