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how can i use Cordova on atom … or should i say how can i work on framework7 with Atom IDE?

Open a file and start writing.

To elaborate; it’s very unlikely anyone knows every niche framework / platform / language there is. If “Cordova” uses text files, then you can just open and type in them as @DamnedScholar says.

If you were implying you wanted linting / autocomplete, then you’d need to find or make such a package. Like I said, likely no one here has heard of your framework, so we can’t help beyond that advice.

Cordova uses files in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all three languages Atom supports out of the box with autocompletion. It’s also Apache’s answer to Ionic and React Native, so it’s not exactly (much more) obscure (than your average web-language-to-mobile-app framework).

If you’re into Cordova, it’s safe to assume that you’ve already read all of the documentation on the web site and made an app using the CLI (hint: if you haven’t, do that now). Atom requires no installation or configuration in order to work with those files.

…how many of them are there?

this is the website

please can you elaborate

have you heard of

No, I haven’t heard of any mobile development frameworks.

I meant that we (fairly often) get questions asking for help with using Atom for their obscure language. Whether or not it actually is obscure, I can’t really judge (clearly :slight_smile: ), but beyond saying “look for a package with it in the name” we can’t really offer any suggestions. However, if you were to say “it’s a HTML derivative”, then we could suggest common HTML tools that may or may not be useful.

And that’s why the most common answer to “How can I use this framework in Atom” is “Open a file and start writing.”

okay thanks

Here’s a little tough love advice that if you follow, you will thank me for later. Start by looking at the documentation available online. Read as much of it as you need to and look at the templates provided on that site. Do not start a thread asking questions until you have a clear idea of what question you want to ask. In this case, you asked what was necessary to write an application using Framework7 in Atom. The answer: literally nothing except that you follow the instructions for getting started on the site and open the resulting files in Atom. Atom supports all of the languages used by default and will do everything you need it to do to work on the application. It will not, of course, build the application unless someone has written a package to tell Atom how (I looked and don’t see anything), so that operation will be performed the same way that you see in the online documentation.

Not too many. Those three are the three I’d recognize, and I learned about them in this order. React Native is the Facebook brand, Ionic is its big competitor (I don’t know that it’s a Coke/Pepsi situation, but Ionic is totally Pepsi), and Cordova is the offering of one of the wizened titans of the open-source world (A&W maybe?). It’s frequently the Apache Foundation way to adopt one of several alternatives for a technology (see the eponymous server, or the Apache Aurora cron job manager) and use their clout and expertise to maintain it in a way that makes it future-proof, because individual developers and studios (and social networks) come and go, but Apache is eternal (we hope; it’s worked for 20 years so far). So honestly, I think that makes Cordova the best bet out of the three, for an individual looking to get into writing mobile apps.

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