Copy unavailable in subclassed views


Views (subclassed from View or ScrollView) don’t appear to allow copy semantics. Example package here.

Do we have to bind copy semantics?

[16:36:27] <rgbkrk>	 Does copy work in your test status view?
[16:36:45] <tombell>	 you mean copying the output?
[16:36:51] <rgbkrk>	 We noticed view other than editors doesn't work
[16:36:52] <rgbkrk>	 yeah
[16:36:59] <tombell>	 nope
[16:37:17] <tombell>	 wonder if you have to keybind it
[16:37:35] <rgbkrk>	 That's not the kind of thing I would expect to have to add
[16:37:37] <rgbkrk>	 functionality for.

copy is bound to core:copy on body. Am I missing something here for why views wouldn’t have copy available?


I’ve noticed this too. I had a look around to try to figure out why copy/text selection doesn’t work, but could not figure it out.

The only thing I thought was interesting was that you can select text in the view generated by the Markdown preview package. I couldn’t see what would make the difference between that view and mine.


Any progress on this?


Sounds like this is the same issue as was fixed by this:


Yeah it turns it it was. This fixed it: