Copy paste semantics for output panes (for example when using atom-runner)


What are the semantics for copy-paste operations on atom output panes?


  • Atom 1.0.9
  • Windows7 workstation


  • Trevor was using atom-runner to generate output from a python script.
  • Trevor wanted to copy the python output result to another file.
  • Trevor discovered this was not possible, and posted an issue to the atom-runner issue queue.


  • Is it possible to copy output from the output pane in atom-runner?
  • Is it sensible to request a feature to allow redirecting atom output pane content to a text file instead?
  • What part of the atom API covers output panes in general?

See also (github issue on atom-runner)


Atom doesn’t have a concept of “output panes”. So since the UI is crafted by the package, the package is responsible for adding support and/or semantics for things like copy/paste.