Copy line when no text is selected


if you have no text selected and hit the copy command, the text should be placed into the clipboard buffer. this is similar to how textmate and sublime text work.


Also interesting to note that cmd+x (cut) without a selection currently deletes the next character and doesn’t add it to the clipboard.


yes, I’d say that should remove the line as well, while putting into the clipboard buffer.


yes please - cmd+c should copy the whole line if no text is selected. Also, +1 for cmd+x cutting the whole line and putting it in the clipboard if no text is selected.


There is an Atom package that will add this behavior

Cmd-x when nothing is selected should cut the line

The Cut-line package is very good. However, there is another functionality when you copy o cut a line with not text selected, in ST: when you paste the copied line, it is inserted under the current line, not between the characters where the cursor currently is.

How could be added this feature?


doesn’t sound like it’s copying the line endings


Yes, the script have to copy the line endings (\n or \r\n). But the script should also insert a line break when you paste the clipboard buffer, at the end of the current line.

Don’t know how you could do that. =$


Yes, please, add this functionality.


+1 from my side also.


Looks to me like there is a package that solves the original issue. If there is a bug in the package, then please create an issue on it. If there is some additional feature that people want, a new topic should be started.

“+1” and “please add this” are not specific enough to be actionable. I can’t tell what you want.


Please make so when you copy/cut without a selection, the entire line (with new line feed) is copied/cut.

No packages has worked for me so far, but I’m gonna give another try.


This worked


Sounds like it is fixed.


@leedohm By “fixed”, do you mean that there’s a package available (cut-line) or that it’s been fixed upstream?


I mean it is fixed in that there is a solution to the original issue.


To copy line, when no text is selected
press Ctrl+Shift+D