Copy from Atom


Hi there!

I came across a problem: Cannot copy anything from Atom. Moreover, sometimes Atom freezes up when I try to paste something into it.

Video on Youtube

I use Linux (Elementary OS) and Atom 0.189.0

Any suggestion?


Hi, same prb on Linux Mint 17.1 with Atom 0.189


I’m getting it also. There is barrage of complaints in 2 or 3 issues over on atom/atom. It seems to only affect linux users.


Same problem on Manjaro 0.8.12 Ascella with Atom 0.189.0


Posting “same here” posts on Discuss doesn’t do much to help the developers track down the problem. Please go to the Atom core Issues list and search for the issue that matches your symptoms. The first post appears to match this issue:

The more information you can give, including detailed repro steps, the better! Thanks :grinning: