Copy files from Sources Folder to another location


Hello, it’s possible to have a package which allows you to perform something like the “Copy files from Sources Folder to another location” of NetBeans?


Yes, of course


Thank you for the reply but i don’t understand how I can use the example at the link. It’s work also without node.js?


Atom has Node built in.


I think there is a misunderstanding…I want something to install for have the “Copy files from Sources Folder to another location” in my Atom IDE


Sorry for stepping into this conversation.
I am very curious to know what does that function in NetBeans do?
Does it relocate source files you created to another location,
or does it relocate internal NetBeans files,
or is it something like the Git and GitHub functionality for a remote source


Hi, with this function I have the all file in a folder on my pc and another on my develop server on my lan connection. When I update a file in the local folder I want to have the file updated on the server and if someone update the same file on the server I have I copy in local and for any update of a row I don’t need to do a git commit


Thank you for your answer.
To clarify… is this like synchronization between your backup devices?
In your case your devices are close by and not a cloud-based system

If it is synchronization - what do you mean by

if someone update the same file on the server I have I copy in local
Are you talking about you synchronise only one way or is dual directional?

As a backup program I use SyncBack from a publisher in Singapore. Free edition found at But I prefer a system loose standing from my development environment - which is not what you are asking.

Atom does not give sync actions built-in, but you can find some package for it, hopefully.

Am I understanding your question correctly. If not, please be patient with me and try to explain again.


Your first post asked if it was “possible to have a package”, so we answered that yes, it’s possible.

To me it sounds like remote-sync best fits what you want, but I don’t know if it’s capable of downloading automatically. It will upload automatically, but you might need to trigger the download yourself.


For firt many thanks for the help…I’m try to give you an example.

I have 2 folder on my desktop one named “foldera” and another “folderb”.

In Atom I open only the “foldera”…now if i create, in “foldera” with Atom a file named pippo.txt at save I want to see in “folderb” the file pippo.txt.


Now I’m confused. Do you want to copy files on your computer, or do you want to copy to a remote computer?


A valid question. But from his description earlier does refer to a local network connected drive (used as storage server). Regardless, I would assume that the OS (which one?) allows him to see the storage just like a thumb-drive.

I tried to search for something… yet did not get anything. Do you have any luck in sourcing something to make a “double” save to type functionality? It should be possible to write a script for it - but it will be very hacky.

@DamnedScholar - what are your thoughts?


It’s the same because this server is in my lan and with the finder I can connet to the server and access like a folder in my computer.


In filesystem jargon, the word you’re looking for is “mounted”. The remote server is mounted on your machine.

At this point, I think we need to know what operating system you’re using and what protocol you’re using to access the drive. I can tell you that there is absolutely a solution to your problem, but I have to know what the environment looks like in order to tell you what it is.


The server is another machine.

But in OSX and also in Windows we can access to the folder on the server

So if ther is something to resolve the problem of my example of “foldera” and “folderb” on my desktop also I resolve the problem for folder on the server.


Do you want the synchronization to happen both ways or only from your computer to the LAN server?


I want to synchronize what happen in may project folder to another folder. I’m don’t need a FTP connection to see the folder of the server so is like a common folder on the desktop.


The on-save package is designed to support running shell commands when you save a file. You could most likely configure it to run cp on your folder. I use process-palette to automate CLI-friendly procedures like that. It doesn’t offer contingency triggers, but it would be really easy to write a script in that can trigger the command that process-palette gives you.