Copy content from multiple cursors, paste it all in one place with a single cursor


I often find myself having multiple cursors on separate lines, and wanting to grab all the lines currently selected by my cursors and wanting to paste them somewhere else as one block.

For example, say I have the following log file

{ user: 1, action: 'sign in'},
{ user: 2, action: 'sign in'},
{ user: 3, action: 'sign in'},
{ user: 1, action: 'navigate tabs'}

and I want to grab all the lines where the user is 1. I know there are ways to do it through regex search and opening multiple cursors on lines that are not user 1. But the most intuitive way, to me, is simply use cmd-D to highlight all instance of user: 1, copying the whole line under each cursor, and pasting the output in a new file or at the bottom. The problem is, when I collapse down into one cursor, and then paste, it only pastes the contents that were copied by the last cursor, not by all the cursors. Is there a command to preserve the copy contents of multiple cursors and paste them together?