Converting Sublime to Atom


please, can someone convert this Grammar/Language (it’s for Sublime/TextMate) to Atom?

I’ve just tried APM.CMD, but it isn’t working. This create only empty folder :frowning:
I think, that the most important file is Baan.tmLanguage

Thx for any help…


If you have Ruby running, you can use my Atomizr script to convert any package.

The script makes sure the input files are meeting the required file structure, then runs apm to convert grammar and settings, before directly converting snippets and completions.

# Setup Atomizr
git clone atomizr
cd atomizr
bundle install

# Download Sublime Text package
git clone

# Convert package
ruby atomizr -i SublimeBaan -o language-baan

If you feel more comfortable converting individual files, you can use the atom-atomizr package to convert active files directly in Atom.


#Thans a lot for your posts !
On my side i’m trying to convert ERB-Sublime-Snippets to An Atom one with Atomizr ! i pretty sure that i ll success one day …but after 3 hours i m still blocked. i have some errors. I can’t figure why it doesn’t work for me and how to jump to the success .

My current process is :

##Setup Atomizr
git clone atomizr
cd atomizr
bundle install

##Download Sublime Text package
git clone

##Convert package (i fail at this step)
ruby atomizr -i ERB-Sublime-Snippets -o?

Thank you so much for Atomizr i can’t wait to use it easily


That Ruby script is no longer maintained, please take a long a look at node-atomizr. If the problem persists, I’ll take a look when I get home next week.


Thank you for the link and your answer


I’ve had no problems using the following:

npm install --global node-atomizr
git clone
atomizr "ERB-Sublime-Snippets/*.sublime-snippet" --target atom --outdir atom-erb-snippets