Converting a CRM windows APP written in Delphi to Electron


Hello all,

I hope this is the correct place to ask that srt of question, if note please kindly redirect me.

The Story:
I am tasked to convert a bespoke CRM (Customer Relation Management) windows app written in Delphi using postgresql on a central server and add a lot of functionalities - (to name a few : Web access from the outside to manage remort workers, provide data entry on tablet for remote technicians with data upload/download to the central database etc whislt keeping the existing functionalities)

It looks like for the in-house portion of the APP Electron will be a good candidate to read/write data to PosgreSQL either using a node module or via an intranet web server as I need access to the user’s computer local resources : local as well as server-shared hard-drives (in read/write mode) and more importantly print queues.

Broadly speaking the existing app is used to maintain a list of clients and contracts, to generate several hundreds of reports of technicians visit and the corresponding invoices per month with are mailed or emailed to the clients. The report of visit are generated using a (long) series of pre existing paragraphs the operator needs to check or uncheck with possible slight alterations, the application taking all these paragraphs and generate a nice layout

To do so, I need to be able to do 3 things

1- Generate reports from HTML and convert them to PDF, then save the to a specific location on the server,( in a directory structure created on the fly ) - I believe this is feasible
2- When printing I need to be able to silently select a print queue (Each computer has access to up to 4 heavy duty printers) and depending on the report, have the ability to change paper bins on the fly e.g. cover page must come from Bin 1 because this is where the stationnary is stored, but any subsequent page must come from bin 2 or 3 ) Is there any way to do that on Electron/Windows ?
Alternatively (although not desirable) I could call a specific .exe written in Delphi to handle the report printing side of things (after all the logic already exists, I could reuse it)

3- being able to generate statistics and reporting so would need a nice report layout generator (like MS Access for example)

So my questions,

A: in your experience, do you believe Electron is up for that kind of task - there are lots of data-entry intensive parts in this CRM I
B: can the point 2 above be adressed from within Electron ?

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I wanted to make myself clear and give you some context

Thanks in advance for you time