Converting a Chrome App using chrome.webRequest


I have a quite complicated Chrome Packaged App that I want to convert to a desktop app since Google has officially killed Chrome Apps (although they more than a year ago postponed the termination to an unknown future date).

The app runs out of the box with NW.js so choosing that framework would seem to be a no-brainer. However, I will soon begin refactoring the 6500 lines of course to use vue.js instead of the jQuery-based UI which I use now, so I feel that converting it to Electron wouldn’t be that much extra work after all.

The app is based on a webview in which the user can open whatever site they choose. The app can then inject CSS and JS in order to modify the appearance and function of the site as well as extracting information from it and send it back to the main app.

It also listens to selected web requests (by url or content type) and extract or manipulate request and response headers. It can also block or redirect certain requests.

It is important to be able to make requests against the CORS policies.

In a way it can be looked upon as a mini Postman with a built-in browser although the use case is different.

The app makes extensive use of chrome.fileSystem and chrome.webRequest. The first is probably not an issue since it could be easily replaced by the native Node/Electron API. It is the latter that worries me a bit.

I know I have only loosely sketched my needs, asking more specific questions at this point is not possible because I only know the very basics of Electron.

But still: Is there anything in the setup sketched above that should worry me when migrating to Electron?